Thelma Paris was born (created) in May 2021. Its aim is to offer its customers a place of their own. At the time, I had reached the end of my stock of incense sticks which I had brought back from my travels in Asia, mostly China. Once back in France, I set my mind on finding a product which would combine quality and modernity. But to no avail. I therefore decided I would create such a product.

Aged 29, I have a professional experience in digital marketing having worked for luxury companies both in France and abroad. From this experience, I have kept a taste for quality products, made with care. My constant wish to offer excellence and quality is a core value of the world I created for Thelma Paris, all at once timeless and elegant. Therefore, I chose to collaborate with ceramic artists who hand- make the stick holders in Uzès (South of France) and Paris.

Thelma Paris offers organic objects enabling a connection between body and soul, offering you a special moment in time .Day after day, Thelma Paris helps you create a place of your own thanks to its unique objects, each one carefully crafted with a spirit and character of its own.

Thelma Paris’s commitment is to provide its customers with products of natural origin, carefully thought out and crafted. They will integrate in your daily routine and help you create your own secluded space.

Thelma Paris incense sticks are made in Japan, a country with a ancestral expertise in the field of incense manufacturing. The sticks are produced with great care by master craftsmen, using premium raw material collected with the greatest respect for the environment.

Manufacturing sticks which will give off as little smoke as possible addresses customer concern, since smoke is perceived as harmful.

These special sticks are made in Tokyo; they only give off a very limited quantity of smoke and have no bamboo stem. They are made from a specific bark, collected from Tabu wood. It agglomerates together the particles of resin and other barks used in the process, thus sparing the addition of bamboo stems. Only the delicate scent softly wafts accross the room, leaving hardly any smoke at all as it burns.

This feature makes it possible to use such sticks in smaller rooms. They easily suit modern interiors and everyday life, moving away from the more traditional use in smoky Asian temples or other different religious purposes.